by Rev. Kerry Smith

I’m having lunch with someone and they have said something and I’m not quite sure how to respond. It feels like we’re playing chess and it doesn’t matter what I say, I’m in checkmate. There are so many taboo topics in our world today. It can feel like we’re walking in a landmine and we have to figure out how to play this very challenging game with grace and equality. How do we meet challenging topics with heart? How do we listen and try to get to a place of compassion?

We’re going to spend the next few weeks talking about some pretty challenging topics as we figure out what we can learn from Scripture and from one another. This Sunday we'll start with doubt. Doubt is not the opposite of belief or the enemy of belief.  Doubt is exploring, asking why we believe something. When we believe, we are placing our trust in the witness of others.  Maybe even the witness of ourselves when we have an experience of God.

Thank you for your prayers as we enter into this new worship series and I’m thankful for God’s voice always reminding us that God is with us even when we’re at a lunch table not sure what to say.
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