Miracles Everywhere

by Rev. Kerry Smith

Easter isn’t just one day! We are in the Great Fifty Days of Easter which begins at sunset on Easter Eve and continues through Pentecost when we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit.  

It is fifty days of living into the reality that death is not the end of the human story. This realization is a process because we have to discover what it is that puts us in the ground. We have to try different spiritual practices to see what will help us in our rising and in our newness.

The hard truth is that hardly anything has changed about our world. But, Easter reminds us we have hope that things can change and we are resolved to do our part to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves. Easter reminds us that we will get back up. Easter shows us that with God there is possibility, there is hope, and we are invited to work alongside God to make it so.

What are the dead or near-dead things that you want raised?

For the next fifty days at White Rock UMC we will be talking about the miracles of new life that are everywhere around us. We only need eyes to see the miracles that we receive when we doubt, when we talk with one another, and when we bless others.

Miracles are indeed everywhere!

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