Taboo Topics

By Monica Frazier

Last week I was with one of our adult Sunday School classes and we were talking about what it means to be a “big tent” church. The idea is that there’s room in the tent for everybody and we’re not all of one mind. It’s about unity not uniformity.

I think that’s exactly the kind of church Jesus hopes for, a place where we don’t shy away from hard topics and we don’t expect that everyone will see things the exact same way. We need one another. Just like creation needs biodiversity, we can only grow when we get out of the echo chamber of our personally curated news feeds, when we don’t just talk to our friends who think and vote and live as we do. We have an eclectic mix in this church and I love it! So while some of us are currently glued to Bama Rush Tok (🙋🏼‍♀️ it me) and others have no idea what that even is, we’re being challenged to step out of our comfort zones to reach across the divides that are every.where.we.look. and to build some bridges.

Taboo topics are a place where we can enter into conversation with grace, humility, and genuine curiosity. Can we rise to the occasion that’s being set before us? I look forward to continuing the journey with you this Sunday!

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Jeffery Ishmael - August 17th, 2023 at 8:51pm

I think the topics will be interesting, thought provoking. I think it will open everyone’s eyes to see the struggles other people go through. We all can learn from each other. We do not need to agree with each other. We need to have understanding, compassion of others, and love one another as Jesus loves us.