Recoloring the Bible

by Rev. Kerry Smith

When I went to seminary I was stretched to see the Bible and its stories in new ways. Many of the stories that I was familiar with growing up, I saw in new ways. I learned about the context for the stories and about the original translations of many of the common elements in the story.  It helped me to read scripture with new eyes as I learned new details and interpretations.

I think of the well-known scripture, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” (Matthew 18:20). Jesus says those words, but it is in the context of talking about how to deal with conflict. The context of scripture is important.

We all read scripture through a specific lens. Every time we read the Bible we interpret it, and we are not coming from a place of objectivity. We look through the lens we have developed of our experiences and how we were taught to see or interpret a particular passage. Our lens can be refined and even replaced as our understanding grows and changes over time.

I love scripture, and the complexity of scripture is what first drew me into studying more and eventually becoming a pastor. I took Biblical Studies in college because I thought I would make an A.  I had been in church and attended Sunday School and Youth Group my entire life. I was even in a Bible Study all four years of high school. Biblical Studies should have been easy. Spoiler alert - it was not easy and I made a B.  Now, I was intrigued and I wanted to continue studying the Bible.

I love the Bible because of its complexity. I love the Bible because each time I read it, I find something new. I love the Bible because as I read it I learn more about what God is like. I look forward to learning together!  

June 4 Jonah and the whale
June 11 Balaam's donkey
June 18 Joseph
June 25 Adam and Eve
July 2 Noah's Ark
July 9 Tower of Babel
July 16 Jacob's Ladder
July 23 Daniel and the Lion's Den
July 30 David and Goliath

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