Who is Jesus?

Come and See
by Rev. Kerry Smith

This past Sunday it was cold in Dallas. It was see your breath, bundle under covers, and drink hot cocoa beside a fire cold. And yet, people came to church. 

We had been working for a few months to transform a room on the second floor that had become a storage room filled with Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, Fall Festival decorations, and lots more. One of our church members moved everything in the room down two floors to another storage room. Another church member helped Roderick, our Facilities Manager, take up the old carpet and lay new wood flooring. Roderick painted the cabinets and the walls and installed new lighting fixtures. Sammy Waters, our Minister of Children, Youth, and Families bought supplies and put together shelving. We had been praying and this past Sunday, that bitterly cold day, was the first day for our new 9:30 am Sunday School class for Preschool-Kindergarten. What joy to see that transformed room filled with children in this welcoming and play-based classroom. 

In worship we've been talking about "Who is Jesus?". I saw Jesus Sunday morning in the people of this church who commit to love children with their prayers, their presence, their gifts, their service, and their witness.

Jesus tells the disciples to come and see. Come and see how God is already at work and how you can partner with God. Come and see adults that model for children how to respect and honor all of God's people. Come and see a church family that speaks out against injustice and honors all of human life. Come and see God's goodness in this place because it is seen by me each and everyday. Thanks be to God!

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