A Time to Flourish

A Time to Flourish

When my kids were little, I would imagine them all grown up. They would live in the cutest house and have a kind, loving spouse. They would be happy and have meaningful work. Sometimes when nap time was a battle or the crying wouldn’t cease, I would imagine this future where they would be flourishing, and it would help me to get through those difficult days.

We have had some difficult years as a church family. We are living through a global pandemic. We lived through months and months of online only church. It feels like now is White Rock’s time to flourish. We have a growing ministry to children and youth. We have hundreds of people who come through the doors of White Rock UMC every day because White Rock serves this community. Sunday mornings we have vibrant worship and we have small groups where people are growing in their faith.
Now that my kids are older, I have been able to spend more time working on how I want to flourish. To flourish physically, I love to take walks outside or ride my bike around White Rock Lake. To flourish emotionally, I love to get together for lunch to be in conversation with other people. To flourish mentally, I love to read and learn. To flourish spiritually, I focus on my breath, I pray, I sing, I practice gratitude and I practice generosity.

I am thankful to be a part of a church that focuses on connection and getting to know everyone better. I am thankful to be a part of a church that is joyful and where people are genuinely excited to be present. I am thankful to be a part of a church that wants to grow and to reach more people with the love of Jesus the Christ. I am thankful to be a part of a church that is generous because this is our time to flourish.

Blessed to be in ministry with you,

Rev. Kerry Smith
Senior Pastor
White Rock United Methodist Church

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